By working with the team at ICITYZEN to acquire a second citizenship or residency,
you are unlocking multiple global opportunities for you and your dependents.

Immediate Advantages

Second Citizenship. World-wide Accredited Programs.

Obtain a reputable and irrevocable second citizenship in months, with every program globally accredited, legally compliant, and approved by the country government.

Extensive Global Business Opportunities

Your second passport offers you the freedom to invest in other countries; and often provides further opportunity for investment in a neighboring country.

Simpler, Faster Travel

The world is yours to explore, a second passport allowing you the advantage of visa-free travel to many nations and access to countries that require a strong passport.

A Secure Back-Up Plan

These days, change is a constant and a second passport assures access to quick movement should any political or economic instability arise in your home country.

All nationalities can apply without discrimination.

Visa-Free Travel

with many citizenship and residency programs including access to additional countries

  • Access Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americans visa-free
  • Remain in the UK for 6 months at a time with no visa
  • Instant travel to an average of 140 countries
  • Top-ranked fast-track passports for traveling
  • Reside in the European Union with a EU passport

Tax Benefits

with many citizenship and residency programs including access to additional countries

  • Generous tax regimes in countries we promote
  • No Wealth, Gift, Inheritance, Foreign, Income or Capital Gains Tax
  • No income tax if person does not reside in the country of citizenship
  • No restrictions on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
  • Tax holidays for certain qualified investment projects

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