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Situated in the western Caribbean, the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda guarantees its residents and visitors a lifestyle where relaxation is key. It’s easy to see how tourism accounts for 60% of its GDP, thanks to its year-round warm climes constantly drawing in visitors from all over the world. An independent nation since 1984, and still a member of the Commonwealth, associations with the UN, WTO and other international bodies help Antiguan passport holders to access over 150 countries visa-free.

In the recent years, many crypto currency investors have chosen Antigua Barbuda passport because crypto currencies are commonly accepted in the country. Also, many countries are implementing capitals gains tax for crypto currency profits which is not applicable if the investor is Antigua Barbuda passport holder that is a full-time resident in Antigua Barbuda.

One thing to consider if you are enquiring to obtain Antigua Barbuda passport by investment is the minimum stay rule. The investor is required to visit Antigua Barbuda for 5 days within the first 5 years after the passport is granted. However, considering how beautiful the country is, this rule can be greatly beneficial for the Antigua Barbuda passport holders.

Another benefit of Antigua Barbuda passport is, it is the only country in the Caribbean that has visa-free access to South Africa. Therefore, if South Africa is in your frequent travel list and you are required to apply for visa every time you travel there, Antigua Barbuda passport solves this issue. For further benefits of Antigua Barbuda passport and the advantages of being a passport holder of a commonwealth country, contact ICITYZEN’s citizenship by investment experts.

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Antigua and Barbuda Investment Options

National Development Fund contribution – requires 125,000$ to a Government-endorsed charity or NDF, used to improve the country’s infrastructure and living conditions of its citizens (higher donations are required for additional dependents).

Investment in Real Estate - requires 200,000$ or more toward a Government-endorsed development zone for a minimum of 5 years, with applicants’ subject to registration and processing fees.

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Antigua and Barbuda Passport Program –
Key Benefits

  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • Visa-free entry to 150 countries
  • Exempt from paying inheritance tax or capital fees
  • No physical presence in country required by investors
ICITYZEN Antigua & Barbuda Investment


125,000 USD

ICITYZEN Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship



ICITYZEN Antigua & Barbuda Visa



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