Located in the east Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the region’s most stunning thanks to an abundance in dramatic coastline and tropical rainforests. A traveller’s paradise, Dominica established its citizenship by investment program - the Citizenship Act – in 1991, which has become one of the most popular among those looking to acquire a second passport. Considered a highly safe and economically stable nation, with opportunities in tourism and agriculture, it offers passport holders a lifetime investment with the added benefit of visa-free travel to 136 countries.

In addition to government approved real estate investment option, you can also invest in a 5-star hotel to be eligible for the for citizenship by investment in Commonwealth of Dominica. This investment has additional benefits such as having 2 weeks free holiday in the luxury resort that you have invested in and profit share at the end of the fiscal year.

Having several investment options makes citizenship by investment in Commonwealth of Dominica an extremely popular choice for individuals seeking to obtain a second passport in the Caribbean. However, even though every Caribbean passport have similar in strength, there are few slight differences which could be a decisive fact for you. Therefore, it is utmost important that we get to know you as much we can to learn about your travel requirements and the reasons for obtaining a second passport in the Caribbean counties by investment.

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Dominica Investment Options

Donation to the EDF (Economic Diversification Fund) - requires minimum $100,000 USD contribution, this amount increasing with each dependent.

Investment in Real Estate - requires $200,000 USD or more toward a pre-approved real estate project for a minimum of 5 years with applicants’ subject to registration and processing fees.

At the end of 5 years, it is possible to sell the property and the person who buys the property will also be eligible for the citizenship application. Also, it is possible to rent the property during the time of possession and create a passive income. Surely, we have property management companies that we work with in Dominica. We make it as convenient as we can for you to benefit from having a second passport in Dominica.

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Dominica citizenship by investment key benefits.

  • Visa-free entry to 136 Countries
  • Exempt from paying wealth, income, gift, inheritance, and capital gains tax
  • Eligible for identical Commonwealth privileges as UK citizens
  • Dual citizenship is permitted and future generations are eligible
  • No physical presence in country required by investors
ICITYZEN Dominica Investment


100,000 USD

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