Known as the ‘Cradle of Western Civilization’, Greece is one of Europe’s most popular destinations thanks to its relaxed lifestyle, dramatic landscapes and envious history that stretches back centuries. An EU member, Greece is also affiliated with many international organizations such as NATO, WTO, and OCED, and continues to recover well from the blow to its economy caused by the 2008 financial crisis. Since citizenship is only available after first becoming a resident, Greece’s Resident by Investment Program provides investors with an opportunity to enjoy a European lifestyle in one of the continent’s most sought-after locations.

The golden visa from Greece allows its investors to travel to any Schengen country without the need to apply for a visa. The golden visa is renewable every five years and will be valid for as long as the investment is kept. Also, it is possible to sell the properties and buy new ones within the granted Golden Visa timeline. As long as the property evaluation reports are minimum 250.000 Euros, the Golden Visa will be renewed automatically. This makes international property investors choose Greece as their ‘Plan B’ option. Being one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, Greece offers great return-on-investment both with passive income from rentals and with capital appreciating of the property.

There is also a pathway leading to obtaining a passport in Greece. If the investor chooses to obtain the passport, he/she must live in the country full time for 7 years. Living full time in this aspect means, more than half of the year. So, 185 days. It may seem like a difficult pathway at first glance, however, there are many digital nomads in today's world and the amount of business owners managing their work remotely is increasing every day. And choosing to spend the summer months in Greece for those is not only fulfilling the criteria to obtain the passport after 7 years, but it is also a very enjoyable way to spend the summer. The rich culture and Greece, the natural beauties in the country and all the benefits of having the Golden Visa is inviting you to go for this program too.

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ICITYZEN Overview two

Residency by Investment Program Greece

Residency by investment Program - a ‘Golden Visa’ investment which grants a permit through acquiring real estate valued at a minimum of €250,000*. The permit is valid for up to 5 years, renewable, and allows travel to other EU countries every six months for up to 90 days.

  • No requirement to reside in country during the application process
  • Spouse, parents, and children up to 21 years of age can be included in application
  • Includes the right to establish a business
  • Only liable for any tax on income generated in country

*Applicants must have valid medical insurance and no criminal record.

ICITYZEN Greece Investment


250,000 EUR

ICITYZEN Greece Citizenship



ICITYZEN Greece Visa


Schengen Area

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