The beautiful island nation of Malta is a three-island archipelago situated to the south of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. A rich history that stretches back thousands of years and an abundance of sunshine both make Malta a much-visited island. Asides to tourism and manufacturing, a strong Financial Services sector helps to drive its stable economy; an attractive tax system adds to its appeal to those wishing to reside or invest in an EU country, with Maltese passport holders having access to some 168 countries, visa-free.

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Malta Investment Options

Infrastructure Investment - requires €650,000 minimum to the government of Malta to expand the country’s infrastructure.

Property Investment = requires €16,000 per year to lease a property or a minimum of €350,000 to buy a residential property.

Stocks or Bonds Investment = requires €150,000 minimum toward Government bonds or those listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.

Investment for Residency - requires €1,000,000 to become a resident with the future potentail for citizenship.

Malta Passport Program – Key Benefits

  • Includes the Right to Establishment, i.e. the ability to migrate to any country within the EU
  • Dual citizenship is permitted
  • Visa-free entry to a total of 182 countries
  • Citizenship is transferable to dependents without restrictions or charges


1,000,000 EUR


12 - 24 MONTHS



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