Vanuatu is an idyllic island archipelago situated in the South Pacific around 1000 miles north-east of Australia. Gaining independence from the UK and France in 1980 - both languages still heavily used – the country relies on four key economic sectors: tourism, financial services, fishing and agriculture. A member of the Commonwealth, investors are open to multiple benefits in this beautiful country that’s brimming with opportunity.

Vanuatu citizenship is granted for their investor within 45 days to 4 months. This makes the citizenship by investment process for Vanuatu slightly faster than the Caribbean countries. This is one of the key factors for investors looking to obtain second passport with limited time, choose Vanuatu as their second passport. Another benefit from Vanuatu is, they are not as strict as some of the Caribbean countries with the nationalities that allow for granting their passport. Having started granting their passport for citizenship by investment seekers in only 2015, Vanuatu has proven that they are able to process the applications in a timely manner and with great due diligence. Also, Vanuatu is known for being a safe country and this means a lot if, as the Vanuatu passport investor, you are planning to live in Vanuatu full-time.

At the moment, Vanuatu does not have real estate investment option and 5-star hotel projects for investors looking to obtain second citizenship in Vanuatu. However, the government has made it obvious with their announcements about improving the investment options in the near future.

Investors in Vanuatu passport are also benefiting from being a citizen of a commonwealth member country. The passport can be passed onto the future generations. Therefore, your children and/or their children will also hold a second passport from Vanuatu if they wish and enjoy many benefits that the country has to offer.

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Vanuatu Passport Program – Key Benefits

  • Visa-free entry to 130 countries including the EU, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • No minimum requirements of in-country presence
  • Successful applicants receive full citizenship
  • Quick and simple application process
ICITYZEN Vanuatu Investment


152,300 USD

ICITYZEN Vanuatu Citizenship



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